The interstate treaty on gambling legalized online gambling in all German states. The new legislation requirements virtual games of chance such as betting, casino games, and slot machines. Its main purposes are to ensure the protection of minors, protect players from fraud, and combat gambling addiction.

An intuitive user interface

  • To avoid losing customers, developers should ensure that app UIs are uncluttered and easy to navigate. Most importantly, this means making current account balances, available games, and core tasks such as topping up or claiming credit easily accessible.
  • Ensuring customers can locate and access key financial information is also a requirement under the STV. In regulation, players must be able to view their account balance, an overview of all charges, and their game history at any time.
  • The game rules as logically as possible is also an important best practice, as customers that don’t understand how to play the game lose the money.

Multiple payment options

  • Online casinos in Germany apps should accept a selection of payment methods. At the minimum, customers in Germany should be able to pay and receive money by PayPal, credit card, and online bank transfer. In addition, if a player wins the game, customers should avoid their winnings immediately to avoid the frustration or anxiety they have created.
  • Customers need to be able to pay and receive money. This may sound obvious, but the most unassuming functional errors are often the ones to cause the most problems and the lost in the game.


  • For casino apps that give and receive real money, players want assurance that their deposits will be safe and their winnings genuine. Therefore, there are many efforts have been made to keep their personal information safe, especially their payment details.
  • Security needs to be built into the games themselves to ensure that customers do not lose money. For example, to protect players, games or individual rounds may not begin until the user has actively.

Loyalty programs

  • Customer is a key challenge in the gambling industry. According to the sources, players switch betting providers every year, with more than one-fifth of users switching every three to five months.
  • You may also find bonus offers such as free spins on a virtual machine. However, both incentives users to stick with a gambling operator must not target bonus campaigns at users that have been blacklisted to protect them from addiction.

3D experience

  • This is the best technology used ever. To create an experience that best conveys the feeling of real casinos, development should focus on the elements. As these involve animations, performance testing is crucial on the other devices.
  • In the 3D view, a person gets the live set example that he can make the best outcome from the games as we have seen that the 3D view is the best in the online casino games.

Different language

  • This is very common in all the apps which provide you the accessibility of the games in your preferred languages. A person can switch to the other language if he knows the other language outside their local language. Even native speakers can enjoy the accessibility of the languages provided by the app developer.

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